Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Over 7 months ago, on April 7th to be exact, I saw this picture. A baby girl who was a "Newly Listed Child" on the Reece's Rainbow website.

Her profile mentioned that there were additional photos, so I immediately requested them and received these pics.

She looked familiar and I couldn't help but wonder if she was the "one". I searched, pondered, and prayed and knew immediately that she was the one! My husband did the same and one month later, on May 7th, we committed to adopt this blue eyed beauty. Within days she was on the "My Family Found Me" page with Reece's Rainbow. Then soon our family profile was listed on the "New Commitments" page. It was official, we were about to embark on a unforgettable journey to bring this baby girl home.

During the next few months while we gathered paperwork, had our home study done, got letters of employment, mortgage and other financial statements, had background checks, fingerprints taken, visited our doctor, had many docs notarized then later apostilled, held several fundraisers, this little girl's picture sat on the kitchen window seal next to another picture frame that held a picture of my other children.

Her picture also sat on my bedside table.
Last December, we had a date night/Christmas dinner with some of our really close friends. One of our friend's sister owns a chain of retail stores and our friend is the retail director. They specialize in home decor and previously I had acquired from their store these cute little people who represent each member of our family.
Before we met that night I had asked if he had any more of the little girls left because I wanted one just in case we adopted another little girl. Luckily for me he did have another one and he brought it with him and gave it to me at dinner. I knew in my heart that there was another child for me, another angel who was meant to be mine, but Mark at this time wasn't so sure. In November I had even placed another little girl's picture on the fridge in hopes that maybe one day she would become part of our family. She was a beautiful little 3 year old girl named Irina. I even remember Mark questioning why I had him bring me another little metal girl because his exact words were always, "Stop looking, we are not doing this." I just laughed it off but somehow knew that we would be doing this one day and that this angel of mine would come through Reece's Rainbow. Next to Irina's picture on the fridge, now hung this little metal girl, waiting to be added to the family.
Unfortunately Irina was no longer available and her picture had come down off the fridge. But this little girl with a big heart, continued to hang. I anticipated adding her to the family wall and after we had committed to Sara, I knew my hopes would one day be realized. 
Today, this little girl now represents Sara. She is in the arms of her daddy! She is part of a family! She has three brothers and one sister who adore her. She has a mommy who knew all along that there was another little princess who would make her heart complete. Sara is that princess. She is no longer a photo that sits on a window seal. She is no longer a photo who sits on a bedside table. She is no longer a little metal girl who waits patiently on the fridge to be part of the family wall. She is part of OUR family, our little girl who is enjoying the blessings of having a home. She is one of the lucky ones!

It's very interesting to think that in November when my heart was captured by another little girl's photo, that November was the month that Sara was born. The Lord was preparing my heart even then! Now before I end I want to share a few more pictures.

This is Vytas. He too is listed on Reece's Rainbow. He is already 4 years old and is very close to possibly being transferred to an institution. I had the pleasure to meet him, hold him, kiss and hug him. Meeting him was a miracle in itself. It is worthy of it's own post which I will share at a later time. Before I had even met him and a couple others, I was committed to help them in any way I could. I knew that if I could get new pictures and meet these boys, I could make a difference. If you look closely I am glowing (sweaty) in these pictures. I was so flustered because I never thought that I would meet them so when I did, I was a hot mess. Anyway I was able to hold him and whisper to him that he is loved. I am hoping that some one's heart will be pricked by his photo and will want to rescue him and allow him to enjoy the blessings of a family. He is no different than you or me, all he needs is love! I don't want him to be just a picture, I want him to be chosen and cherished too! He deserves it! For this purpose I have become his Angel Tree Warrior with Reece's Rainbow. The purpose of the Angel Tree is to raise awareness and at least $1000 for these children between now and Christmas. Please join me and help me reach this goal for Vytas. I would love to see this amount even exceed the $1000. It is possible! For any donation to his fund over $35, you will receive an ornament from Reece's Rainbow with his picture on it plus you will receive the blessings of helping another little one find his family. Because really when it comes down to it, money is what stands in the way of many of these kids not finding homes. I have made a decision that instead of giving neighbor gifts at Christmas this year, I am going to donate the money that I would have spent, to Vytas' fund. Please consider doing the same. Or if you and your family have a tradition of giving to a great cause this holiday season, I can't think of a better cause. If you work for a company who is looking for a charitable cause, please send them to Reece's Rainbow and Vytas' fund. Together we can make a difference.
I have shared with you many photos and it has been said that a picture can speak a thousand words. Sara's picture spoke to me but even a thousand words cannot describe the love I have for her. I am still amazed that all we knew was a picture and now she is in our arms and in our home. Is it possible that Vytas' picture is speaking to you? His picture can literally speak $1000 words with your help. All you need to do is click on his pic at the top right of my blog, and it will direct you to his page where you can donate, it's that easy. And maybe his family is out there! I sure hope so! God bless!