Thursday, May 17, 2012

The One Who Planted The Seed

Mia Kareen is the one who planted the seed for our journey ahead. Her family found her in Jan. of 2011. Ever since the Cox's told us that they were adopting Mia I never stopped looking at Reece's Rainbow. I was obsessed and began to learn every child's name. I began to love these children and my heart strings were being pulled. I knew somehow, someday we would be travelling the same road as Kris and Kecia but I also knew I had to wait. As time went on I was drawn to a particular little girl. It ended up that she was no longer available and my heart ached for her. Although it makes me sad, I like to think that she was the one who watered the seed that Mia had planted. Eventually I was drawn to a few others but on one particular day, Easter Sunday in fact, I knew who we were meant to consider. It was Susan, sweet Susan! In a month from today, June 17th, Mia will be celebrating her first anniversary of being home. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that we were able to be involved in her journey. She and her family has forever changed our hearts and we feel blessed that they are a part of our lives. We are excited that they will be involved in our journey now. Thank you Mia! Thank you Kris and Kecia and family! Because of you our little girl will have a chance to blossom and bloom!

Click below to watch the Cox's story on ABC with Diane Sawyer.

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