Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Sickly Sweet Little Muffin

Here are pics of our sickly sweet little muffin. Taken while she was in the hospital with the Rotten Stinky Virus. I had terrible reception up at the hospital, sometimes no reception, so these are the promised pics that should have accommodated the last post. Even though she was so sick, she was still so sweet!

All of these pics were taken while she was in the PICU. The last one is of Sara covering her face in hopes that she couldn't be seen I'm sure of it! "If no one can see me then they can't poke and prod me right?" She was a trooper and we're so grateful to the doctors and nurses and other staff who took such good care of her! Mark made a comment or asked "You like to be in the hospital, don't you?" For some that may seem strange that he would even say that but as much as it may sound crazy, in a sense, I do. Not only for the cafeteria food cuz I'm a sucker for cafeteria food, but hospitals give me a sense of peace, gratitude, and love. Let me explain. First of all, I loved to be in the hospital when my babies were born. I love the smells, especially the blankets, the care of the nurses, the anticipation, the company and visitors, the tender feelings and joy of a new life beginning. I also have a tender feeling in my heart for Primary Children's Hospital in particular because it is where we met Liam for the first time. He was in the NICU and we brought him home from the hospital after only a couple of days of meeting him. So every time I enter that hospital, I am overcome with a feeling of gratitude that we were chosen to rescue this baby boy. It takes me back to that day when I laid eyes upon a teeny tiny baby boy and fell more deeply in love with him. (I say more deeply in love because I already loved him before we even met him. I loved him from the moment we were asked to bring him home, knowing that all he needed was love.) Since that day we have returned to that hospital for many appointments, procedures, and surgeries. As much as I do not like to see my baby go through what he has gone through, I still have tender feelings, different than the ones when we met him and brought him home, but feelings of peace knowing that we have been able to help him along his way. And now with Sara being in the hospital, I find great peace knowing that we are helping her to. I cannot even imagine the kind of care she would have received for RSV in her home country, especially since we saw first hand the care she received for a rash and a runny nose. I am grateful that we have the ability, insurance, and services to take care of her. I am grateful that after being at the hospital, each time my children get to come home. (We witnessed two families who had to say goodbye to their child on the same day and it was heartbreaking.) I am grateful that we have the privilege to love these sweet little children. How sweet it is to be loved and how wonderful it is to love. We are so happy that Sara is home! More importantly that she has a place to call home! 

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