Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Abandoned But Not Forgotten

Dear Sean,

It's New Year's Eve today! Many people will be ringing in the new year with celebrations. I wish that I could be celebrating that you have a family coming for you or that I reached the goal of raising $1000 for you but I can't. I am so sorry that another year has passed and you are still waiting and I am sorry that your Angel Tree account sits at $513. We're half way there and I am hoping that when others read this they will help and donate just a little bit to help me reach your goal. More importantly I want you to know that I will continue to share your picture, your story in hopes that your mommy and daddy will see it and will be led to you. You are a child of a loving Heavenly Father who is aware of you and loves you. Although it may seem that you have been forgotten you haven't. Your mommy and daddy's heart is just being prepared and soon they will look into your eyes and say "He's the one." 

This past month you would have celebrated your 5th birthday! Happy birthday little man! I hope that the orphanage did something really nice for you. I have a daughter who just turned 5 this year too. She just started Kindergarten and is loving it! I am hoping that your family finds you soon so that you can attend Kindergarten this coming fall as I am sure you will love it too! I cannot believe how big you are getting! When I fist saw your picture a couple of years ago it was a picture of when you were a baby. Now you are tall and skinny! Too skinny if you ask me but I am sure your nanny's are doing their best to help you grow. I promise that when your family finds you and you are home, you will grow even bigger and stronger. I know you probably wonder why? Why has no one come for me yet? Why do I get overlooked? Why have I waited so long? I too Sean have the same questions. And I don't know why. What I do know is that the Lord's timing is perfect and one day very soon, you will not have to ask that question again. Like I said, your mommy and daddy's hearts are just being prepared. It's amazing how it all works out but when they see your face, they will know! 

I can tell you this because of personal experience. I saw many, many faces on Reece's Rainbow and knew every one's name. You could say I was a Reece's Rainbow stalker! Every child listed was beautiful and worthy of a family. There were even a few who really touched my heart. But when I saw "Susan's" picture I just knew she was the one! There was something familiar and different about her. And now that she is home and part of our family, there is no doubt that she was meant to be. So I know that your family is out there and I promise I will do my part to help them see you!

"Susan" is now Sara and she has been home for over a year. It was an incredible experience and journey to bring her home. It was a 5 month process start to finish. We spent 40 days in her country and we are grateful that we were able to learn more about her culture. You live in a beautiful country and I am envious of your family who will get to experience it's beauty! It will be a long, emotional, costly journey for them, but it will be worth every day, tear, and dollar. I promise you Sean, although you were abandoned by the riverside you are not forgotten. Love is an amazing thing and it will carry you until your mommy and daddy can wrap their arms around you and whisper into your ear "You are loved, cherished and chosen!" I look forward to that day and can't wait to follow your journey home! Happy New Year Sean!!

With love,hugs and kisses,

Please donate to Sean today! Help me reach his goal of $1000. I just need 25 people to donate $20 today! I don't have any incentives or giveaways to motivate you. I don't have a free trip or iPad to offer but what I do have is a little boy who is deserving of this money. Please click on the link below and help ring in the new year knowing you made a difference! Thank you so much! I will never stop advocating for these children so I appreciate those who support my efforts! Every child deserves the blessing of a family! Every child!! 

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Here is Sean's current picture on Reece's Rainbow.
Look at his precious face.
Are you his mommy or daddy?

Taken from his profile with Reece's Rainbow. 

From a missionary who visited with him in August of 2010. "Sean was found abandoned by the riverside at the age of 4 months. Sean is doing super and is well loved by his nannies!"

Update from 2012:
After his rehabilitation we feel his physical development is very good, he can clearly call father and mother, can sit alone, stand alone, can walk with holding something. He can not walk alone steadily, can feed himself snacks without help, good appetite, likes playing with other children sitting on the floor, occasionally he will challenge his favorite toys with other children. He is very favorable, and we hope him can find a family sooner to have parents to love him to live happier life.

More photos available, along with full social history and medical records.

Single moms permitted, only one parent has to travel.

Currently Sean has $4702.50 in his account.

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