Friday, July 27, 2012

Thursday Is A Special Day....'s the day we got submitted. What does this mean? It means that our dossier (our whole file or compilation of paper work) was submitted. Our final piece of the puzzle arrived in her country on Mon. July 23rd and on Thursday the completed puzzle was submitted. In 4-5 weeks we will receive our approval and will also receive our travel date which happens 2-3 weeks later. We will be in Susan's country in 6-8 weeks. Eeeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeek! Can you hear the excitement in my voice? We are thrilled, excited, nervous, scared, anxious, worried, you name the emotion, we're feeling it! I can't wait to meet Susan and hold her in my arms! I can't wait to tell her that she is wanted! I can't wait to tell her that she is loved! I can't wait to tell her that there are so many people who have made it possible for her to finally have a family! I have anticipated our first meeting and cannot believe it will happen in 6-8 weeks. We have approx. $17K to raise in 6-8 weeks! "I've gotta have faith!" The other day I was in a bookstore and saw this quote.

Do you think it was what I needed to see to calm my troubled heart? Absolutely! I so needed to see that! I understand that all things that have worth or are worth it take work but gosh is it hard work! This fundraising journey certainly hasn't been easy but I know that it is possible. I know that we will all witness a miracle. Would you like to be a part of that miracle? Step forward, make a change by giving some of your change. Purchase a necklace, make a bid on the auction, place an order through Stampin' Up, purchase a ticket and be a part of our Luau Party, just simply share our journey with your friends and family. It may seem like I am asking a lot. I may even sound like a broken record, but we need your help. And any little bit helps! Your contribution will benefit a little girl who has a mommy and daddy who within weeks will hug and kiss her for the first time. You are helping one of God's children who's spirit is no different than yours or mine, have a forever family!  Please help and make this possible! There are no words that can even express how grateful we are for this experience, this trial of our faith, this opportunity to see so much goodness! Let the goodness continue! Thanks so much!

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