Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Final Piece

The final piece of our paperwork puzzle has been delivered! Our "golden ticket" that I have mentioned before, in it's apostilled glory, is on it's way! It's on a plane right now enjoying peanuts and pretzels and maybe an in flight movie if it's lucky! It should arrive in Susan's country in the next few days and then our dossier will be complete and submitted. The rest of our dossier is already in her country, hopefully getting translated, but as soon as this final piece of the puzzle gets there, we are one step closer to receiving our travel date. We are still waiting to hear if we have been approved to adopt from her country but I am told that no news is good news. That approval can take a few weeks or more and then our dossier approval can take another few weeks or so. Once we get a travel date we will get only a couple weeks notice then we will be on a plane enjoying peanuts, pretzels and hopefully an in flight movie if we're lucky! Still hoping for September! So with that said, once again I need to put in a plug for our fundraisers. You may see a lot of reminders in the next few weeks but please understand it's because we are in need of a lot of help! Can you hear the urgency in my voice? With the rate that this summer has flown by, September will be here in a flash! The generosity and support that we have received so far is incredible and we will be forever grateful. Let's keep it going!

Our first order of business is another Yard Sale! Due to the overwhelming success we had last week, we are doing it again. Same time, same Bat channel! Saturday July 21st, 8am-1pm. 1248 Bullion Street (5810 So.) in Murray. We are still accepting donations for stuff so if didn't have a chance or want to drop stuff off then please do. Then stop by and join us for hot dogs!

Our next order of business is a SAVE THE DATE. Saturday August 18th we will be hosting a LUAU! In conjunction with that we will also be doing a Hawaiian Getaway Giveaway! We have been offered a week's stay in Hawaii (Big Island or Kauai) to giveaway. We are in the process of finalizing details but we will be selling tickets for this event very soon. Your purchase of a ticket will include dinner and dessert, entertainment and an entry to win the week in Hawaii, (flights are not included). The week in Hawaii will include your lodging for calendar year 2013. This will be a night to remember and we are really excited to pull it off. So once again, SAVE THE DATE for Saturday August 18th! You will also have a chance to donate for additional entries.

Next, don't forget about our online auction, Auction For A Princess. We have many, many things for sale and would love to see every item with a bid. We will be adding even more stuff as people are still offering to donate. There is a lot to look at but please take the time to browse then place a bid to help our princess. We would also ask that you share it with your peeps! It truly is Christmas in July so why not get a jump start to the holiday season? Bid, bid, bid!

Also, Stampin' Up with Maxine Conrad. For any orders placed in July, Maxine will donate her comissions to our adoption fund. Stampin' Up is a great place to buy paper, ribbon, stamps, embellishments, etc. for crafting and scrapbooking. If you haven't had a chance please visit her website stamptothemax for ideas. Lots and lots of cute stuff!

Then lastly, our continuing fundraisers are the $22 "Bloom" necklaces and the $30 pocket watch necklaces. By purchasing one of these you are helping our Susan bloom and helping children like Susan who are on borrowed time. I would like to introduce another necklace that my same dear friend who created the "Bloom" necklaces, created. This one is a gem! It has a Matroyshka doll charm with two colorful beads and a small stamped disc that reads "UBiT" (цвіт) in Ukrainian which means bloom or flower. Of course the characters in the Eastern Europe alphabet are different than ours here so we were unable to match the "U" exactly but you get the gist of it. I am really tickled with how they turned out. There are 4 styles to choose from and the color and size of beads may vary. This is a necklace that is certain to turn heads because it is so adorable so buy one today at $25 to help our little flower! (To purchase any necklace please use the ChipIn button and leave your mailing information.)


Alrighty I think that is it! Yard Sale, Auction For A Princess, Luau on August 18th, Stampin' Up and necklaces. Phew! Any support is appreciated! You have no idea how this journey has opened my eyes! I always knew that there were good people in this world but I am continually amazed at how good! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love to see my children see the goodness all around. They are excited to have a baby sister to love and protect. To teach how to dance and play. To help her know what it means to have a family. This will all be possible because of you. Every night as we kneel for family prayer, I love to hear my children pray for Susan. Sometimes it's the only thing our 3 year old Kate will say. I sometimes interupt her and tell her to pray for other things as well but then realize that it is what is important to her, that Susan is safe. I love to hear Kate say, we are going to "dopt" Susan. She often asks, "When are you going to dopt Susan so Grandma can come watch us?" Very soon Kate, very soon. Susan is so loved and we can't wait to love her even more!

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