Monday, June 25, 2012

Borrowed Time

You often hear about special needs children in orphanages and how they are living on borrowed time. What exactly does this mean, borrowed time? It means that there is not much hope in their future if a family doesn't come for them. It means that they cannot continue to live the life they are living without an end drawing near. It means that they live every hour of every day wondering, hoping and waiting for someone to give them a life and a home. If not adopted, children like Susan, who have Down syndrome are transferred to an adult mental institution. Statistically those children who do get transferred don't live much longer than a year. Can you imagine your first ride in a car being the last time as you leave the only place (I can't even call it home) you've ever known and get dropped off to an institution? Can you imagine the fear and helplessness these children may feel? Most of these children are living on borrowed time because for most of them they are lucky to be alive. And even if they live past a year in an institution, can it really be considered a "life"? These children live each day with so much uncertainty. Now I know that every single one of us lives of a life of uncertainties but can you imagine being transferred to an adult mental institution because you were considered a mistake? God makes no mistakes. To help Susan and other children who are on borrowed time, I have the cutest pocket watch neckalces for sale. If you are interested, please use the ChipIn or Reece's Rainbow donate button on the side of our blog to purchase one. Leave a message with the one you are interested in, your information and I will mail it to you via USPS, shipping is included. There is only one quantity per design but if the response is great then I can order more. Thanks so much!

 Antique Bronze Pocket Watch Necklaces
Approx. 24" Chain
Working Timepiece
#1 Small open heart watch with crystal heart, love letter and red crystal charms.

  #2 SOLD! Small closed floral watch with bird and flower charms

#3 Large open star pattern watch with windmill and camera charms.

#4 Large floral with diamond pattern watch with pink rose and key charms.

#5 SOLD! Large closed owl watch with bow and pink crystal charm. 

#6 SOLD! Large transparent crystal watch with bow and tree charms.

#7 Large roman numeral watch with rose and love letter charms.

#8 Large open leaf watch with leaves and pink crystal charms.

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