Wednesday, June 20, 2012

S- A- T- U- R- D- A- Y Night!

The pool party on Saturday night was a success! Thank you to all who attended! Total count was approximately 244  people. We raised over $5K in total including the ChipIn and Reece's Rainbow accounts, concession and raffle sales and more iPad entries from that night. We had pizza, cupcakes, sugar cookies, chips, candy, snow cones and so much more. Everyone had a great time. Most importantly, Little Miss Mia had a great time. She did not want to get of the water for a second. Forget pictures and hugs, she just wanted to swim. She kept signing "swim". Fun times!

We have many people to thank! First of all Kris and Kecia! Thanks for hosting! We are honored and grateful that this event could benefit our family. We admire your desire to wanting to pay it forward and hope that we can do the same. You are both shining stars! Thank you for coming up with the idea to have it at the pool. When this event was in the planning, we were thinking of ideas for a location, entertainment, etc. Kris came up with the idea to have it at the pool and that way the entertainment is taken care of. It was a great idea because who doesn't love to go swimming? I would also like to thank the many friends who helped with the ticket sales, concessions, donation tables, setting up and cleaning up. A big thanks to Heather who was our caricature artist! The Prestwich Family, Stacie, Stacia, Curly, Angie and our emcee, Mike. The Schulz family and Granite Bakery, Rod Works, Leatherby's, Chili's, Cafe Rio, Pat V.W., Stacie, Amy with Tupperware, Maxine with Stampin'Up and Cole for donating items to sale and giveaway. And whoever donated the glow sticks and necklace for our raffle drawings, thank you! Thank you to Kirstin for creating the beautiful "bloom" necklaces to sale. I'll post a picture of the necklaces soon. All proceeds will help us bring Susan home so she can bloom. And thanks to the many many more who helped with making this night so wonderful! I am amazed at the support that we have been given. People who we have never met came to support us, made donations and shared our story. There are so many good people out there. We even had a family come who is also in the process of bringing their princess home and they were leaving the very next day for Eastern Europe to meet their daughter. Amazing! Thanks again for your support and kindness! It was such a fun night! Enjoy the pics! Unfortunately or fortunately you will not see me in a bathing suit or swimming ha ha! But you will see many more pics of the successful FUNdraiser! Thanks again, it was a great start to our fundraising adventure!





  1. We had a GREAT time, thanks for letting us be a part of the fun!

  2. It's probably a good thing we were out of town, because there wouldn't have been any cupcakes for anyone else. Miss you and sad to miss your event. Love and admire you guys, The Pearces