Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's In A Name Part One

Q: How did we know that Susan was the one?
A: It was in her name.

On April 6, 2012 a beautiful, bald baby girl was listed on Reece's Rainbow. It was Good Friday. The Friday before Easter Sunday. I knew she was a newly listed child. Because of my obsession with Reece's Rainbow I knew every little face on that website. From the moment I saw her there was something about this bald beauty that seemed familiar. She was adorable and I began to wonder, is she the one? But how could she be the one if my husband wasn't even on board? On Saturday evening I sat up late and kept going back to her picture and profile wondering why she looked so familiar. Then just before I went upstairs to go to bed I googled her name "Susan" to see what it meant. To my surprise Susan means "Lily". How sweet and how I love the name Lily. I wondered again, could she be the one? I had prayed about other kids before asking if they were the ones and I never received an answer. Maybe it was because my husband wasn't on board. I had prayed that I might know who was the one when the time was right but thought that it would be a while if ever before I would know. And even knowing this I still couldn't help but wonder if Susan was the one. Could Lily be the one who we were meant to consider?

The next morning was Easter and it was a glorious day. After the morning egg hunt and a candy filled breakfast we headed off to church. During our sacrament meeting the choir stood up to sing as they usually do on Easter Sunday and the first song they sing is Consider the Lilies. I was totally blown away, shocked and filled with emotion at the same time. Just before I went to bed on Saturday night I had a thought, "Wouldn't it be neat if we sang the song Consider the Lilies at church tomorrow and then I would know that she was the one?" But then I soon realized that it is not one of the hymns in our hymnal and we wouldn't sing it as a congregation. I didn't even think that the choir might sing it so can you imagine my surprise when they did! I was always hoping for an answer or a "sign" and I believed that this was my answer. We needed to consider Lily or Susan.

I didn't share my experience with Mark because again I knew that he wasn't interested in adopting yet. We still hadn't adopted Liam. Another one of my prayers had been that if we were meant to do it then it would have to be Mark who says "Let's do it." I knew we both had to be on the same page. Heavenly Father knew the desire of my heart but he had to soften Mark's if it was a righteous desire. Since we weren't on the same page at that time I felt like it wouldn't make a difference to tell Mark that I think we should consider Susan and why. So I carried on, still praying about Susan and felt like if it was meant to be then it would be. To be continued........

Consider the Lilies by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

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