Thursday, December 27, 2012

Prayers For Putin

As you all know, I have a special place in my heart for adoption. Two of my most favorite people came into my life through adoption. Reece's Rainbow, the organization that advocates for children like my Sara has found homes for over 900 children. If it wasn't for this organization and the inspiration of many, we would have never found our lost princess. There are many children who are listed on Reece's Rainbow, many who live in Russia. These children are only a small number in comparison to the total number of orphans in Russia. In the past 20 years over 60,000 children from Russia alone, have been adopted by Americans. Putin, Russia's leader is about to sign a bill that will stop Americans from adopting from Russia. This bill has already passed, it just needs Putin's signature. He has been quoted as saying, "There is no reason not to sign." If this passes many, many children who would have had a chance, will be locked away. They will never know the love of a family. We have close friends right here in Utah who will be affected, many who have already met their child. Can you imagine meeting a child who you already consider your own, telling them and promising them that you are coming back, then not being able to follow through with that promise? It breaks my heart to think that this could happen. All because of a man and his tough guy "I'll show you" ego.

The adoption process is a long and complicated one. Many, many hours and tears are spent along the way, not to mention the money. In Russia it's even more complicated requiring 3-4 trips before you can bring your child home. Right now 46 children in Russia have already met their parents and the process to bring them home is almost complete. What a sad day it will be when they are told that they cannot go home! This number doesn't even count for the ones who have started the process and have committed to a child, possibly even met them too. Even though we only knew Sara from a picture, we knew that she was our daughter. Many others have done the same, they have seen a photograph and know that the child they see is the "one" and they are working hard to bring that child home. Or there are those like our friends, who have taken a huge leap of faith and have gone to Russia on a blind referral. Meaning they didn't know who they were going to meet or commit to until they got there. They never saw a pic, had no idea about this child but after meeting them, they know that this child is meant to be part of their family. It just doesn't make any sense that anyone would want this to stop. It's another situation when sweet, innocent children, thousands in this case, have to suffer because of the actions of one single coward. It's times like this when I feel hopeless. Like many, I want to help but don't know what I can do. Then I am reminded that the power of prayer is amazing! There IS something I can do and so can you. We can pray. Pray that Putin's heart will be softened and that he will think with his heart and not with his ego. Pray that these children will not suffer because of a silly political move. Pray that whatever the outcome may be, we will have an understanding and be able to accept why. Help us bridge the divide."The children must come first." For most kids in Russia because their own people do not adopt (especially children with special needs), we are their only hope. Some may aruge that children have died in American's care. But let me quote this fact from a friend, "In 20 years, 19 kids who were adopted from Russia have died in the US. 19 out of 60,000 adopted. More than that died in Russian institutions yesterday!!" Please share and pray. Everyone deserves the blessing of a family! These children don't have a voice, let us be their voice!

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