Friday, December 28, 2012

Say It Ain't So

I am trying to understand why anyone would sign a bill to stop children from being adopted. An anonymous person left a comment on my blog stating. "I'm giving Russia the benefit of the doubt - they're taking legitimate steps to reform child welfare and protect their littlest and most vulnerable citizens! Russia does not HAVE to allow Americans to adopt their kids; it's a PRIVILEGE not a right. The USA has had ample warning this was in the pipeline!"

WHAT? Are you kidding me anonymous blogger. Protecting their littlest and most vulnerable citizens? Children are dying! Many who age out of the system take to the streets, become homeless, get involved in drugs and prostitution, then commit suicide because they have no protection! Children with special needs are placed in adult mental institutions when they reach the age of 4 or 5. What kind of protection are they given? They have to fend for themselves, and many die within in a year of being in an institution. You are right anonymous blogger, it is a privilege to adopt a child from another country including Russia, but if people were adopting their own children, protecting their most vulnerable citizens, we wouldn't be in this pickle now would we?

Just say it ain't so. Why is anyone denying children like Sara to have a family? Oh my heart is so heavy with sadness, confusion, and empathy. I especially feel heartbroken for those I know personally who may not get to see the light at the end of their adoption tunnel. I am still holding on to hope and trust that there is a greater plan. I trust that more good will come of this decision and somehow, some way these children and families will have what they have always dreamed of. My love for Sara is no different than the love I have for my other children. She was not born of my flesh but she was born of my heart! She would have been locked away in an adult instituition with no chance of survival and now she has a chance to live the life that she deserves. I am grateful that her country allowed us to adopt her. Tears for the many children who could have had the same chance but now can't. I pray that something will change. It has to! I pray that other families can feel the same blessings and have the privilege to adopt from afar! I will continue to pray that hearts will still be softened. Sara has blessed our lives in so many ways! How can you not look at this little face and deny that she is loved, chosen, and cherished? Please Lord, let others have the chance to feel the same.


  1. She is beautiful! I love her serious pout with Daddy :)

    I too cannot understand people's positive thoughts on this ban. But more than anything I am disgusted by the constant "Good! Adopt American kids!" comments.
    As long as a child gets a family why does it matter where the child is from? Aren't all children worthy of love?

    So glad you were able to adopt Sara in time.

  2. Hi, First of all, I think you are amazing and all of your children are beautifull. I'm a mother of 4 biological children and I always thought someday that we might adopt.
    I was drawn to look at your blog simply because We live in it too. I would love to ask you some questions about the process. If you would be willing to let me. My email is
    Thanks, lacy