Friday, September 20, 2013

Forever Mine

It feels as if Sara has been part of our lives since the very beginning. She was definitely a missing piece that has fit so well with our family puzzle. I look at her and know with 100% certainty that she was always meant to be mine. So even though a year ago today marks the day that we went to court and Sara Lily became an official Lutkin, she was always in my heart. A year ago today we walked into a judge's office, answered questions and spoke about our desire to make Sara our daughter. We left the room waiting for our answer, hoping that the judge would declare her to be ours. Within minutes we walked back into the room and it was official, we were the proud parents of an almost 10 month old baby girl.

One of Mark's oldest sisters was diagnosed with liver cancer (bile duct cancer) over 3 years ago. She found out in July of 2010 and on August 25, 2010 she passed away at the age of 41. Her name was Sarah and Mark had said that IF we ever have another baby girl we would name her Sarah. So the decision was made, our newest addition was going to be named after one of the most beautiful people I have ever known. We decided to drop the "h"since all of our children have 4 letter names. That way she could be named after her Auntie Sarah but still have her own identity. Her middle name came from her Reece's Rainbow name which was Susan and Susan means Lily. So on September 20, 2012 she became Sara Lily Lutkin. This is was her "birth announcement" we posted on that day.

Hear ye, hear ye, gather around.
Our royal highness has been found.
Another Princess to share the throne.
We're happy to call her our very own!
Sara Lily Lutkin

This was our judge who determined Sara's fate. After she had made the decision and declared us as Sara's parents I asked her if I could give her hug. Not sure if that was customary but I embraced her and said thank you.

On this day last year Sara was still in the hospital and we still weren't allowed to see her. At first I accepted it like I had every other day but then I put up a fight. I called our facilitator and expressed that today was a day that we should be rejoicing. We have just become her parents and we can't even hold our baby. Honestly I was beginning to wonder is she even existed because it had been a while since we had seen her. I begged her to talk with the chief doctor to allow us to visit and I prayed like crazy. That night we received a call and were told that we could go visit with her at the hospital. Our facilitator's husband was willing to help and he escorted us. Finally we were able to see our daughter! Hip, hip, hooray!

Look at that face! She looked up at me as if to say, "Where have you been? I have missed you!"

Here are a couple of videos of our hospital visit. It felt great to have her back in our arms. I love the tender moments that she had with her daddy. I am not sure if she remembered us but I like to think so. I think she remembered the love that she felt and was happy to feel it again. 

Today will always be remembered as a day of hope. We had hoped that the judge would say yes and hoped that our Sara Lily would never feel alone again. Our hopes and prayers were answered and she officially became part of a family. I am still in awe that we are that family! She fills a place in my heart and it overflows with so much love! Sara Lily was always meant to be and will forever be mine. 

Pics taken last night. Before and after spaghetti! 

Golly Gee! I am one lucky mama!

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