Sunday, September 1, 2013

Life Is Grand!

1-2-3! READY, SET, JUMP! One year ago today we took a journey that was about as grand as they come. We took a leap of faith where the gap felt as huge as the Grand Canyon. It was very frightening but thrilling too! One year ago today our bags were packed and we were ready to go. We said goodbye to our 4 children and left them in the care of granny nanny (my  mom) and my dad. We were leaving on a jet plane not knowing when we were going to be back again. We were on our way to meet our lost princess. There were so many unknowns and worries at the time. Would someone come get us from the airport? How long would we have to stay? Where were we going to live? How will we get around? Will we find our way? Are we going to feel safe? What would the orphanage look like? What conditions has our baby been living in? What will our baby look like? Will she look different from her picture? Will our first meeting be a positive experience? Will we feel an instant connection? What will her temperament be like? We had so many questions that were waiting to be answered.

It was an exciting time! We knew that we were embarking on an excellent adventure that was clearly marked for us! Even though we had no experience in cliff jumping, we knew that there was little girl on the other side who was meant to be ours! We knew that this was our call and that we were led by His love! I can't believe it has already been a year! My goodness, it feels like yesterday when my belly was full of butterflies and I was in disbelief that this is really happening! Well, it really happened! We survived the jump and we are still alive to tell about it! I am in awe everyday that Sara is here, living and loving life! Our journey to Sara was a journey that we will never forget! It was a huge leap but worth every thrill and butterfly! Sara IS the Grand to our Canyon! 

Here we go!!!

My friend Kecia who inspired this whole journey, picked us up and dropped us off at the airport. We held each other tight as we both new this was an exciting and emotional time! I will be forever grateful for her friendship!

Almost there!
Home sweet home for the next 40 days!!!!! 
Not quite the tempurpedic we were used but at least we had a place to rest our weary bones.
Dining area, with no dining chairs!
Cockroach kitchen!
Our view from the balcony.
Our view for the next 40 days!!! 
Could someone pinch me please?

If you're interested, here is the post with my feelings the day before we left. And this is the post of the day we left SL and arrived in Ukraine. 

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