Sunday, September 2, 2012

Safe and Sound!

We're heeeeeere! Safe and sound! Our trip couldn't have been more smooth. It started off with our friend Kecia dropping us off at the airport. It was very fitting because she is Mia's mommy, the one who inspired this journey for us. Kecia had sent a text after she had left telling us of how she remembers the day that they left to rescue Mia. She never imagined that Mia would inspire us to embark on the same journey. I told her that although I give credit to Mia for planting the seed it really is their daughter Bree who made all of this possible. Susan or Mia would not have found their forever families if it wasn't for Bree being born with her extra chromosome. So Bree is the gardener in all of this! All I can say is, AMAZING!

As I sit her in our apartment, I cannot believe that I am now in the same city as my soon to be daughter. We're always under the same moon but tonight we are within a metro ride away. Tomorrow at noon, is our first appointment. We will get more information about Susan and then go back the next day Tuesday to get our referral. The referral allows us to go meet and visit with Susan. So on Wednesday we should get to see her. The anticipation is killing me! Only 2 more days! Lucky for us the apartment that we are staying in is the place we will be the whole time we are here. It is very central to a lot of things too, so we're told. We didn't have a chance to walk around but we'll learn our way tomorrow. Our driver was very friendly and helpful. He took us grocery shopping and brought us here. We're settled now, just waiting for the water to heat up so I can take a shower and get to sleep. It's only 8:30 pm here but this mama is ready for bed. Thanks for all of the good wishes. So far so good. Just happy to be here! I am sending kisses in the wind tonight to my sweet kids back home. Gosh it was hard to leave them but I know that they are in good hands. Thanks again mom and dad! You will survive! Love to you all! Until next time, happy trails to you!

Our bags packed we're ready to go! (Pack light, ya right!)

2 mamas crying tears of joy!
Wake up Mark! One more flight to go!

Our apartment and one handsome fellow, my Superman!

View from our apartment.

This is my happy, can't believe we are here face!


  1. Looking forward to all the news of your trip and pictures of your beautiful daughter

  2. So glad you are there safely. Can't wait for you to meet her.