Sunday, September 9, 2012

7 Days Without Prayer Makes One Weak

One week down, a few more to go! We just got a progress report today and it sounds as if we may get our court date very soon. Most of the documents needed to receive a court date are ready to be submitted except for one but someone was even working to finish that one today. So everything will be submitted tomorrow then hopefully on Tuesday we will know. It will more than likely be scheduled for the following week so let's hope, sooner would be even better. A lot is dependant upon which judge is assigned to our case. I really hope and pray ours is a kind and understanding judge. I hope it's a judge who is efficient and works quick! I miss my babies back home and want to bring our new baby home as quickly as possible.

We had plans to go to church today but by the time we got the information about how to get there using the metro, it was too late. Better luck next week! We visited with Susan today and although it was another pleasant one, I was just a teeny bit worried. Yesterday she had a rash on her belly and back. I had expressed my concern but was told that we would have to wait until Monday for any results. Well today it was much worse and had spread all over her body! Even underneath her little eyes and hands. She doesn't seem to have much discomfort because of it so I am hoping that it is just a virus that will soon leave. Others have suggested Roseola but I guess we'll just have to wait until tomorrow. I am not sure what happens at the orphanage when the children become ill. Is there an on-call doctor or do they take them in? Let's just pray that it's nothing serious and that she will get the treatment needed if needed.

We stayed inside for our whole visit today. They didn't even offer us a stroller to go outside. We were fine to stay in and actually shared the playroom with another family who is also adopting. Although they were both from the city and country where we are staying the husband spoke English. It was nice to speak with someone without having them laugh in your face as if to say, "You crazy Americans." It was nice to hear their story and see their hope of adding another little one to their family. They are hoping to adopt a little 4 month old girl. She was a beauty too! We have seen the mother before during other visits but this was the first time we had seen them together. Great couple and another lucky little girl. She and Susan are both in the same groupa! Two little friends finding their families together! Let's hope the other 7 find theirs soon too! (I know of three little boys with DS in this orphanage who are waiting for their families. All three are on Reece's Rainbow. One is in Susan's groupa but the other two are older. The one who is in Susan's groupa was also born in Nov. 2011 and the others were born in 2009. If you are interested to know who then let me know! This is a great city and a great orphanage to adopt from.)

Susan loves the baby sling. It is an instant dream catcher! I have to laugh because sometimes I wonder if babies really love it because they feel so warm and cozy and comfortable or if they just think, "Well heck, I can't move, might as well just close my eyes. No sense struggling." Tee hee! Whatever the case may be she enjoys a nice little nap and I enjoy a nice little cuddle. She is doing so much better on her tummy and she can even roll over now. That first time I had to give her a little nudge, but now she can do it. She is my future Olympian! All is well here. The chocolate is yummy, the cheese and bread are delightful, and our time spent together is just splendid! Sure wish I had someone to put me in a sling and rock me to sleep. OK maybe that's a little creepy! I'll just stick with a nice semi cozy bed. Good night! Prayers to everyone! Love to you all! Hang in there mama! xoxoxo






  1. sweet girlie! Glad everything is moving along!

  2. God bless you for many many things, but one for adopting this sweet child. I often wondered when these little ones are given up with Ds or other needs, what actually happens to them? Are they adopted? Are they left to just survive alone? (Good Lord I pray not). They are so loving I pray someone recognizes this and gives them loving homes. I myself gave birth to a little boy with DS almost 20 years ago, and I was very young. But I didn't wind up raising him :( because he died at birth. And that child took a giant chunk of my heart with him to Heaven. Sadly, he was the first of 4 babies to arrive in Heaven before I planned. But God has blessed us with 3 beautiful thriving babies. I love nothing more than God and my children, but often wonder how it would be to have my perfectly made little boy with DS. I know only that I miss him, but no idea how life would have been. I honor you both for choosing this responsibility and congratulate you for loving one with DS. So many couples would choose not to but God blesses those who take care of and provide for widows and orphans. I treasure tour heart as its so giving and selfless. From one Mom to another, I ask God to Bless your family abundantly and richly always, and may you always seek the Lord first and be ever patient.
    From my serving heart to yours!