Friday, September 14, 2012

This N That

Every day since Susan has been in the hospital we have patiently waited for an update. We wait for a call that will hopefully give us more information about our baby girl. Each time we have been given the same answer, "They still do not know what is wrong, however they don't think that it is Leukemia." We were told that it just may be an allergic reaction but they are going to run more tests and do an ultrasound. The original plan was for her to stay in the hospital until today, Friday. Today as we waited for a call we were hoping they would say she's back and that we could come visit. Unfortunately we found out that they are keeping her in the hospital until Monday. I am desperate to see my baby girl and I have to wait another 3 days. Ugh! I guess the are giving her an "infusion" that takes 5 days. I am assuming an "infusion" is medication that is running through her veins using an IV? Maybe it's an antibiotic? All I know is that she is alone for another 3 days. It's so sad that we are here but we can't see her! Double Ugh!

The good news is they don't think it's Leukemia. It's great news in fact! But it is still frustrating not knowing what caused her liver and spleen to become enlarged and cause a rash to cover her body. I am surprised that they haven't mentioned a virus but that is what I am running with. Antibiotics cannot cure a virus so let's hope that whatever an "infusion" is, it is helping and not hindering. Mark's mum has assured me that Susan is not alone. She has angels who are surrounding her giving her the comfort and love that she needs. Maybe it's Mark's sister Sarah or my Grandma Joy or Mark's Nana Jessie or his Grandma Alma. There are many angels in our lives and I find comfort to think that yes they are loving her tonight, she is not alone.

More good news is that we have a court date! It is scheduled for next Thursday, September 20th. I was hoping for an earlier date but I'm not going to argue because it sounds as if we have a good judge. What that means for us now is that our 10 waiting period will start on Friday the 21st. It ends on Sunday the 30th but since the vital statistics office is closed on Mondays, we will apply for her new birth certificate on Tuesday October 2nd. That same day, Tuesday we will also apply for her new passport and Visa which takes 3 to 4 business days. So hopefully we can fly home that weekend or Monday or Tuesday at the latest. That will make our total time here being 5 weeks. It's a week longer that we were hoping for but from what I hear it's very quick for this region so we'll take it.

These last few days have been spent by sleeping in, sight seeing, and walking. We have seen many beautiful places, walked at least 500 miles (by American standards), and I think that I am finally caught up on my sleep. (I had many late nights leading up to this adventure.) We also spent time with another wonderful RR family and friend. Her story is quite remarkable and we had the pleasure to spend 2 days with her and her daughter Lyla. Her friend Mike was her travel companion and together we were like old friends catching up. They flew home today and I wish them well! I love to meet people who you feel like they have been your friend forever. Summer Spitz, if you were a flower, I'd pick you! Although it has been tough to be here and not see Susan we have enjoyed our time exploring our daughters birth place. We have enjoyed being together and have enjoyed the friendships that we have made.

Another success is that I finally got village potatoes from Mc Donalds. It sounds silly but I have made several attempts to order them but have never succeeded. I usually have to settle for french fries but finally somebody understood what I was ordering. Village potatoes are potato wedges. Nothing new that I had never seen, I had just never seen them at Mc D's. We also order fried shrimp from Mc D's. The simple pleasures in life and they were good! I have mentioned before that the chocolate is delicious but what makes it even more special is that there are many chocolate bars that are the exact same as English chocolate. My hubs is in heaven. Big Kit Kats are delish! I will post pics of some of the necessities that we have found here. We finally ventured out and tried a Uk*****an buffet and it has been our favorite place to eat ever since. I have tried many things that are very typical to the area and so far so good. One thing we have discovered is that the food here is only luke warm. We have yet to have a hot dinner. The soups are generally hot but the first time we had ordered soup from this buffet Mark ordered one that was actually cold and it was meant to be cold. It was very tasty and refreshing but not my cup of tea or soup, ha ha. (I sure use ha ha a lot!)

Well all is as well as it can be. We feel blessed and know that we are here at the right time to rescue little Susan. Soon she will be in our arms again and soon we will be heading home. OK, not soon enough (especially for you mom), 3 weeks, but it's moving right along. I cannot thank you enough for your comments, thoughts, and prayers. We have been lifted up and I am sure Susan feels the same way. Being surrounded by family and friends who care make a huge difference and inch by inch life can be a cinch. Thank you, thank you! Enjoy some pictures of this n that. Most from our outings on Wedneday and Thursday. We were lazy bones today. We slept in and did a whole lot of nothing. It was great!

Bare necessities, the simple bare necessities.
Bottled water, yogurt, cereal, Kit Kats, and Jafa cakes (another English treat).

Meeting Summer and Lyla for the first time.
Gotta love cobble stone roads and pavement. Very beautiful!

St. Sofia's

I need to do my research because I am not sure what this is. It was just close enough to snap a pic.
Beautiful artwork on the side of a building.

Street view of the Mykhailivskyi Zolotoverkhyi Catherdral.
We walk this street every day on our way to the metro station.

In order to cross many roads here you have to go underground where there are many shops and such.

Mark in an underground walkway.
The stairs that lead to our home away from home.
Don't be alarmed that we see this every time as we make our way to and from our apartment. Never mind, it's just a hypodermic needle filled with blood sitting in a radiator. What the?

Home sweet home. Hope none of the wires above are live!

Village potatoes at last!

Fried shrimp at Mc D's, who knew?
Mykhailivskyi Zolotoverkhyi Catherdral

Just about to enter the museum.

The sign and flag of this great country.
A piece of history in the museum.
Look at the size of that bell. HELLO!

Mark in the bell tower.
View from the bell tower.

Self portrait. 16 years together, still can't believe it.

Very steep stairs that led to the bell tower.

The Refectory with the church of St. John.
The only monastery building of the baroque period that survived. We had the pleasure to sit inside and hear some monks singing their chants. Melodious!
The painted murals are very stunning.

Going underground, again.

Uk*****an Buffet.
I'm a sucker for a beautiful archway.

After dinner with our new friends Summer, Mike and Lyla.
Mc Donalds and the Metro. The 2 "M's" that we see and visit almost every day.

No worries, it just a wheelie bin (garbage can) that has been burned to the ground.
Another view we see often. Independence Square straight ahead.

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