Thursday, September 6, 2012

You Belong!

After Liam had been in our home for only a short while, our case worker made the comment that he looks like he belongs to our family. She said that many kids who are adopted come to this earth looking like their adoptive family because it was meant to be. I believed her and agreed that Liam did look like he belonged. Mark wasn't so sure because it is Mark who people say Liam looks like. Liam also looks like his bio dad and Mark and he look nothing alike. In fact I think Mark always felt a bit insulted because they look so different, ha ha. Now Mark is reassured that if Liam is good looking it only means that he is too. The point is, Liam belongs in our family.

Susan has always looked familiar ever since I saw her picture on Reece's Rainbow. Although I couldn't put my finger on who she looked like, I felt like she belonged. I can't even say that her photo looked like our family or any of our children. I just knew that she may be the one. And then of course it was confirmed on that beautiful Easter day that she indeed was the one. We have only visited with Susan a few times now but after today I can honestly say I know why she looked familiar and why she looked like she belonged. My mom had even commented yesterday that Beck, after seeing Susan's picture for the first time had said that she looks like Kate. I couldn't agree more! She looks so much like Kate! It's her chubby cheeks, her perfect tiny nose, her sparkling blue eyes and her pretty little lips that mirror her big sister Kate. I wish that I was home to retrieve a picture that I have of Kate when she was a baby so I can show the comparison. It's unbelievable! At first I was thinking that maybe I was just hoping that they looked alike or was forcing them to look alike in my head, but no they really do. They were destined to be sisters. She came here looking like her adoptive family!

I didn't publish pictures yesterday of our second visit because I wanted our first to be the highlight of my post, but we were able to go back to the orphanage later that day. With very little details or directions we ventured out on the metro and found our way. The whole journey to the orphanage takes about an hour each way. Once we arrived our instruction was to enter a door with the number 4 on it and wait in the hall until one of the nannies brings Susan to us. She had been changed into a different sleeper but still had her cute bonnet on. Her sleeper was blue with footballs and my first thought was, "Sister, you need some pink!" Pink or no pink though she was as pretty as a princess. It was really nice to see her again and to give her more cuddles! She was very interested in the toys that hung over the stroller and the ones that we had brought. She was reaching for them, batting at them, and grasping them. She was really checking out her daddy too.

We went back again today. We went through the number 4 door again and waited until another nanny came to greet us. She was unaware of who we were or who we were coming for and the communication barrier didn't help. I immediately called our facilitator and handed the phone over to the nanny. She gestured us to wait and soon went into a room to get Susan. I can only assume that it was the room where her crib is and as much as I wanted to peek, I didn't want to get in trouble. So we just waited until she was brought back. Today was a rainy day so she was clothed in what we would consider a snow suit. I was always told that they bundle the children over here in multiple layers but I had to chuckle. A snow suit? I can't even imagine what she would look like if it was the dead of winter. My first thought was The Christmas Story, remember, the little boy who gets bundled so much that he can't even put his arms down and when he gets knocked down, he can't get up? My husband and I always say that kids in snowsuits look like little starfish. So in more ways than one, Susan was our little starfish! We took her outside again and found a covered play area with benches. I just held her in my arms almost the whole time as she looked very dreamy and eventually fell asleep. I sang to her and told her all about her brothers and sister. She is a very placid baby and is just a little love. It was time to say good bye and we were off to catch the metro. 

On our way home Mark and I stopped at TGI Friday's for dinner. It is our 16 year anniversary today! Happy anniversary, happy anniversary! Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary! 16 years? What the? Mark and I usually take turns planning our anniversary festivities and this year it was my turn. So at dinner I said, "Great trip that I planned for our anniversary right?" We could have never imagined in a million years that we would be here doing what we are doing. What a great way to celebrate! Tomorrow is another day to add to our 16 year adventure. Then another day will follow. Before we know it those days will turn into weeks. Those weeks will turn into months and those months into years! Another 16 years will pass and hopefully we'll look back and be grateful as we are today for our journey together. It really has been Jodi and Mark's Excellent Adventure from day one! And for that I say thank you Mark! And to Susan, our little starfish I say welcome to our adventure! Keep your chubby little hands in the ride at all times and enjoy! You belong!

Wednesday September 5th, 2nd Visit



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  1. This is like the Truman show - I am hooked :) Looking forward to the next post.
    Happy Anniversary my sweet friends xx