Sunday, September 29, 2013

Little Beck-A-Roo

Our little Beck-A-Roo is 7!! 

September 23, 2006. On the morning of Beck's birthday I was stepping into our bathtub to open the blinds when I slipped and hit my belly on the tub. It was a pretty big bump and at that moment I thought "I won't be surprised if I go into labor." Sure enough an hour or so later my water broke. I literally popped my belly and there was no other choice but to head to the hospital to have baby #2. I was so nervous!! Although this wasn't my first rodeo it had been 5 1/2 years since I had Cole. The thought of starting over was worrisome and the thought of another 36 hour labor was horrific. I had been told that with each baby labor is usually cut in half but even the thought of 18 hours was frightening. This baby was a surprise so although I was terrified, I was excited to find out, boy or girl?? Secretly I was hoping for another boy but of course it didn't matter. All I knew was that I was LARGE and so was this baby and it was time to rope this bronco. During my pregnancy my doctor even questioned if I was only having one because I was always measuring big. Cole had said at one point, before I was pregnant "Mommy, when you have a baby, you are going to have two." So there were times when I wondered if there were two and if their hearts were just beating as one (my doctor did give me that possibility). But it turned out there was only one, very husky, baby foal boy! I was able to have a natural birth and ONLY labored for 12 hours, not 18, PHEW! And luckily I didn't have to push very long because the force of Beck's big noggin prevailed. Apparently Beck was blue when he entered this world but I had no idea. My sweet husband didn't want me to worry so he kept his game face on, smiling, even though he was worried. Within minutes he was breathing and crying and soon enough all was well. Beck weighed a whopping 8 lbs. 15 oz. He was a brute!! A beautiful, wide eyed, Charlie Brown noggin, brute!

September 23, 2013. His birthday was just another manic Monday for sure. He woke up to his room being covered in toilet paper. He got breakfast in bed, opened gifts and finally got the WWE championship belt that he has always wanted. I also brought him McD's for lunch at school and he got sprayed with silly string as he got off the bus after school. We celebrated that night by going out to dinner at Cafe Rio then for ice cream at Leatherby's. He also had hockey practice in between the festivities. On Friday he had his party with his friends. He had a Movie Night Party where his friends came dressed in their PJ's and watched a movie. We even had a concession stand set up where the kids could buy treats and drinks (with poker chips ha ha, the dollar store was out of fake money). Remind me next year that wild crazy boys and open cans of pop don't mix but thank heaven for hardwood floors and tile. They had a little dance party before the movie which included a Conga line, a pillow-pet pillow fight, then watched Hotel Transylvania. Beck was in his element, having a ball and everyone else had a good time! (He even had a friend who lost a tooth, literally. I had him put it in his popcorn bag and at the end of the night during cleanup it accidentally got thrown away.) Because of it I have a new saying, it's no longer "finding a needle in a haystack" it's "finding a tooth in a popcorn bag." It took a while but we found it. Very exciting stuff!

The moment I saw Beck's face, 7 years ago, I could see that he was going to be my mischievous, cheeky little monkey! My little curious George! He has the biggest brown eyes and always has a look of "Huh?" "What?" "Who me?" Those big browns get him into a lot of mischief but also melts many hearts! Beck was named after my Grandma Joy (my dad's mother). Her maiden name was Beck and we felt that it was a perfect/unique name. He is definitely unique and one of a kind. He lights up any room he enters and lights up our lives! He is always the life of the party and was born ready to have fun! I knew from the size of my belly that this baby was going to be "big". There is nothing little about Beck and we love his "big" head personality! He's a rootin' tootin' barrel of laughs, our little Beck-A-Roo!

September 23, 2006
Would you look at the size of my belly?!?
Look at the size of him! It was like giving birth to a toddler.
Can you see the look of relief? 
Lutkin, party of 4!
"Look into my eyes! I will control you with my eyes!"

From day one Cole was taking his big brother responsibilities very serious. 

Cole's expressions are too cute for words. He was destined to be the best big bro ever! 

""Huh?, What? Who me?"

It's hard not to resist his Junior Mint eyes. They're just too delicious!

September 23, 2013
Breakfast in bed.
So exciting! What is it?
Woo hoo! WWE championship belt. Oh ya!

September 27, 2013
Movie Night Party

The "Lost" Tooth amigo.
Happy 7th Birthday Cheeky Chops!

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